Import Genius’ comprehensive data expands to Latin America, India

June 21, 2013

The Import Genius database compiling millions of shipping records continues to grow by the hour. After providing full access more than a year ago, clients have been able to search through detailed shipping manifests and customs records from ten countries in Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. …

California’s Solar Industry Continues Exponential Growth

September 21, 2012

California’s solar industry is one of the sectors leading the state’s recovery, having grown leaps and bounds over the last few years to reach a critical mass that is having a real and significant impact on the Golden State’s economy.

We just added import-export datasets from nine Latin American countries

April 30, 2012

Today we started providing our customers with access to more than new 250 million new shipping manifests and customs records from nine new countries in Latin America. This enormous database represents a veritable treasure trove of insights into the trading activities of companies throughout the region. You can learn more about the product here: With …

Introducing TradePulse: A Free Tool to Analyze Import Volumes for Any Product

March 31, 2012

We’re proud to introduce our newest free tool for analyzing U.S. import data, TradePulse. Type a product keywords into this free public service to find out the number of shipments imported into the U.S. We’ve collected- more than 66 million shipping manifests since we started tracking U.S. ocean freight imports in 2006. We’re now opening …

Introducing the New

February 24, 2011

Our new web site is finally live and you’re looking at it right now. We’ve made a few changes to make it easier to understand what Import Genius does, and, more importantly, provided more public access to our data than ever before. On the homepage there’s a new “Instant Search” bar where you can type …

Customs Brokers Leverage Shipping Data to Find New Clients

July 20, 2010

Customs brokers provide an invaluable interface between American importers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the government agency that regulates their imports. For each shipment entering the country, there are a wide array of documents that may be required by the government to ensure the goods are lawful and that any duties are paid appropriately. …

FAQ: Is Import Genius a Scam?

May 15, 2010

Of all the questions people ask frequently, this is actually one of our favorites. It shows that our trade data is so powerful, some people think it must be illegal. Thankfully the data is legal, and Import Genius is NOT a scam. We’re scrappy, hard-working and honest as the night is long. We get all …